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Houseboat Safety Features

Those who are searching for a vacation near the water will be delighted when they discover that they can book a trip where they never have to leave the water. A houseboat vacation is ideal for all types of travelers, from couples seeking romance to families looking for fun with their young children.

The Best Lake Mohave Houseboat Rentals For Summer

Getting away from it all is what summer is made for, and how better to do that than in the comfort of your own boat? Gliding above Lake Mohave with your family and friends at sunset is the kind of memory that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Ready to learn more about boat rentals in Lake Mohave? Read on!

Best Family Lake Vacation Activities

Family vacations are all about spending quality time together, and there’s no better place to make memories than on the water. Renting a houseboat is a unique way to make the most out of your time on the lake with your family.

3 Summer Vacation Ideas for Families with Teenagers

The idea of a family vacation with teenagers probably conjures up images of kids lost in their headphones or stuck behind their cell phones as they shuffle along reluctantly behind their parents.

Ideas for the Best Family Summer Vacation

Nearly every adult can look back on a family vacation from their childhood with fondness. They often laugh about the unexpected hiccups and feel nostalgic about those awe-inspiring moments when everyone experienced the beauty of a sunset together.

Quick and Easy Houseboat Lunch Ideas

Part of the joy of renting a houseboat is the feeling that you’re truly getting away from it all. Don’t let time-consuming meal prep get in the way of enjoying your every second of your adventure!

Best Romantic Getaways on the Lake

There’s a reason that couples who are in love are drawn to the water. There’s something about the way that the colors of the sky change as the sun sets over the lake that makes you want to be near the person you love the most.

A Guide to Striped Bass Fishing on Lake Mohave

Spanning over 67 miles along the Nevada/Arizona border, Lake Mohave is one of the best lakes in the Southwest to cast your reel. Anglers congregate here to catch several different kinds of fish including striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish and sometimes even rainbow trout.

Things to Do in Laughlin

Headed to Laughlin, Nevada soon but don’t want to be stuck inside a casino all day? We can help you plan your itinerary. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Laughlin that aren’t casinos.

What to Do During Your Houseboat Family Vacation

You know you can go cruising along the lake in your houseboat, but what are you going to do with the rest of your time? Most people spend the entire weekend—or even the entire week—on the lake, so we suggest preparing a few fun activities ahead of time. To give you a few ideas of what to do during your houseboat family vacation, we’ve listed some of our favorite activities below.