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3 Summer Vacation Ideas for Families with Teenagers

The idea of a family vacation with teenagers probably conjures up images of kids lost in their headphones or stuck behind their cell phones as they shuffle along reluctantly behind their parents.

However, a vacation that is planned with teens in mind will not be a week filled with drudgery and resentment. Instead, it will be a week when everyone can enjoy these magical moments together before it’s time for them to move onto their next step.

Here are 3 summer vacation ideas for families with teenagers:

Backpacking Through a National Park

Teens are often game for action and adventure, which makes a backpacking vacation filled with hiking, biking and camping the ideal option. Compared to when your children were younger, backpacking with teens is much simpler. They are independent, can pack and carry their own bags, and they can hold an interesting conversation with you along the journey. Consider hiking through Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park or Yellowstone National Park with your teens.

Renting a Houseboat

Sometimes, it’s hard to plan a vacation with teens that strikes the right balance between relaxation and action. Many parents do not even think about the possibility of renting a houseboat, but this is an ideal vacation option for families with teenagers. When you rent a houseboat from Cottonwood Cove, you and your family can spend your entire vacation on the waters of Lake Mohave. You can go fishing, relax on the deck or dock to explore the canyons and trails that surround the lake.

Visiting Theme Parks with Thrills

The days of character meet-and-greets and cheesy theme parks are likely behind you. If you have teens, find the theme parks that are filled with thrilling rides and interactive adventures.

Teens are often figuring out who they are and who they want to become. While many resist the idea of taking a vacation with their family that will keep them away from their own personal social lives, they are often much more open to traveling when the vacation suits their interests. Find out what your teen loves the most, and plan a vacation around it!

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