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Things to Do on Lake Mohave | Houseboat Lakes

Year-round sunshine and mild winter temperatures make Lake Mohave one the best houseboat lakes to check out during the cooler months. That’s not to say it doesn’t get chilly. From December through February, the average daily temperature is in the 40s. But if you are escaping a bitter and snowy winter, temperatures in the mid-40s can feel like a warm and refreshing escape. There are several things you can do in and around Lake Mohave that are better in the fall and winter than in the summertime.


The mild fall and winter weather at Lake Mohave is ideal for hiking. During the summer months, temperatures can soar up to over 100 degrees. As a result, hikers are at risk for dehydration and sun stroke in a very short time. Although it is always important to hike with plenty of water and take breaks, the fact is the sun and heat are less intense at Lake Mohave during the fall and winter. As the temperature drops and the summer visitors disperse, it’s not uncommon to feel as though you have a popular hiking trail all to yourself.

Scuba Diving

October through April is the best time of year to explore the depths of Lake Mohave via scuba diving. There is a sunken tow barge and two submerged ship wrecks to explore. Advanced and expert divers can attempt more difficult dives in Black Canyon and Ringbolt Rapids. The lake water is remarkably clear with impressive visibility throughout the fall and winter months.


The cool waters of Lake Mohave offer excellent fishing year-round, although which fish are biting changes with the season. Fall at Lake Mohave offers good trout fishing, but winter is when the trout fishing is at its best. Striped bass can generally be found about 25-40-feet beneath the surface during the fall, but they come up to 10-20-foot depths during the winter.

At Forever Houseboats, we love the quiet, calm of winter houseboating. Are you ready to explore the cooler side of Lake Mohave, one of the best houseboat lakes in the United States?


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