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Lake Mohave Fishing Boat Rentals | 5 Top Fishing Spots to Explore  

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a prime fishing destination, which means that many people visiting Lake Mohave enjoy renting fishing boats in hopes of making a great catch. At Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina, we have rentals available for all of your fishing needs.

Here is what you need to know about Lake Mohave fishing boat rentals and the best spots to fish in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area:

The Best Fishing Boat Rentals on Lake Mohave

Whether you are enjoying a houseboat vacation on Lake Mohave or you simply want to rent a fishing boat for the day, Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina has the best fishing boats for your needs.

These are the types of fishing boats you can rent from us:

  • 17′ Campion Fishing Boat — This fishing boat is the perfect option for anyone who wants to go fishing with a small group of people. The boat holds between 4 and 5 adult passengers and is often used to go fishing in the small coves of Lake Mohave. Hourly, daily, or weekly rental rates are available.
  • 26′ Deck Boat — This boat combines the comfort of a pontoon with the power of a smaller watercraft. Up to 8 passengers can board this boat, and it is often used to go cruising along the lake for the day. It is easy to fish off of the deck of this spacious boat. Hourly, daily, or weekly rental rates are available.
  • 44′ Patio Pontoon Boat — The patio pontoon boat is a favorite among locals who don’t need a houseboat rental but still want to enjoy the amenities of a luxurious boat while they spend a day on the lake. This boat holds up to 12 passengers, and include unique features, such as a sundeck, a waterslide, a BBQ, and a bathroom. Those who want to do some fishing can easily do so on the large lower level deck. This boat is only available for daily or weekly rentals.

Any of these boats would perfectly complement your houseboat vacation rental, or they make for an ideal rental for locals who want to spend a day on the waters of Lake Mohave. It is important to note that you may need a boater’s license in order to operate one of our fishing boats. The Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina staff members can help you decide which of our fishing boats will best meet your needs.

What to Pack for Your Lake Mohave Fishing Trip

It is important to be prepared for your fishing trip on Lake Mohave. These are a few of the things that you need to pack in order to make the most out of your time onboard your fishing boat rental:

  • Clothing Items — Having the right clothes on board the boat will allow you to feel comfortable and also keep you safe during your day of fishing. It is best to dress in layers, as this can keep you warm during the crisp, chilly mornings but also allow you to cool off as the afternoon sun warms up. We recommend wearing a hat to protect you from the sun, and perhaps waders in case you have to get into the shallow waters to fish. An extra change of clothes — including socks — is a great idea, just in case you get wet.
  • Fishing Equipment — There is a lot of equipment you should pack for your fishing trip. These are just a few of the essential equipment items that you should bring on board the boat: your favorite fishing pole, lures, bait, a fishing net, knives, a tape measure or ruler, and a cooler to keep the fish you want to bring home.
  • General Supplies — You won’t want to forget about these general supplies: your fishing license and boating license, first aid kit, sunscreen, bug repellant, water and snacks, a GPS or a map, and a waterproof bag for any electronic equipment.

Top 5 Fishing Spots to Explore in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Once you have chosen one of our fishing boats and packed for your fishing trip, you will want to head to one of the best fishing spots in the area. These are a few of our favorite places to go fishing in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area:

  • Cottonwood Cove Area — If you rent a boat from Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina, you don’t have to travel far in order to get to a great fishing spot. The Cottonwood Cove area is a favorite spot, largely due to the amount of bass fish that are swimming in the region.
  • Willow Beach Area — The Willow Beach area is located just off the Willow Beach Fishing Pier on Lake Mohave. It is a popular fishing spot in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and is a great place to catch trout. In fact, the local hatchery releases trout into this area weekly.
  • Boulder Beach Area — The Boulder Beach fishing spot is located off of the Hemenway Fishing Pier on Lake Mead. Typically, there are a lot of people fishing along the shoreline or on the pier in this area. However, those in fishing boat rentals can go out a bit further in the water and often have better luck catching fish. Some types of fish that can be found in this area include striped bass, bluegill, and crappie.
  • Katherine Landing Area — People who rent fishing boats will find that the Katherine Landing area is another awesome spot to spend the day. Currently, the Katherine Landing Fishing Pier is closed, but Lake Mohave boaters can still cast their rods in the hopes of catching channel catfish, largemouth bass, or rainbow trout.
  • Overton Arm Area — People who have their sights set on a specific type of fish should take their fishing boats to the Overton Arm area of Lake Mead. In this section of the lake, many different types of fish are prevalent, including catfish, green sunfish, crappie, and bluegill.

In order to enjoy the best possible fishing trip on Lake Mohave, you need to consider one of the rentals from Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina. Our experienced staff members can help you select a fishing boat that will meet your needs and will allow you to enjoy a comfortable, memorable day on the water.

For more information on the types of fishing boat rentals that we have available, as well as our houseboats, contact us today.

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