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Nevada Telephone Cove | What You Need to Know Before You Visit  

Taking a break and relaxing with your family or friends is one of the best ways to enjoy downtime. Although the company is crucial in making memorable moments, you cannot deny the importance of the place and setting. How about relaxing in an open space, with amazing sunsets, clean facilities and gorgeous water?

At the Nevada Telephone Cove, you can enjoy popular outdoor activities, including swimming, fishing and boating. If hiking is your thing, you won’t be disappointed there is more than one trail to explore. You can also rent houseboats from Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina to camp, sunbathe and have fantastic picnics on the delightful sandy beach.

What You Should Know About Nevada Telephone Cove

Located in Laughlin, Nevada, the Telephone Cove is a great camping spot on the shore of Lake Mohave in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. You can get there via Nevada Highway 163 and connect to Lake Mead Road #9, which is a scenic route through beautiful countryside.

If you come from Laughlin, head west on Highway 163 for about 4.4 miles. Then, turn northeast on Nevada Telephone Cove Road and drive about 4.3 miles to Lake Mohave, and you will get to the camping area. If you are heading to the campsite from Las Vegas, go south towards Laughlin, get on Highway 95 and turn left to Highway 163 after driving for about 53 miles.

Along the way, you will come across a lot where you can park your camping gear and bring it in separately if that is more comfortable for you. Finding the right spot to set up won’t be a problem as there’s a large amount of space, although it gets a bit crowded during weekends. Camping is free with a 7-day limit; however, you are required to pay a fee to enter the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Regarding facilities, the Nevada Telephone Cove has four restroom and refresh areas that are well maintained and very tidy. There is also a significantly larger dumpster for disposal. As there is no water on-site, you will have to bring it along. If your water runs out, you can go to Laughlin to get some. Park rangers also patrol the facility about two to three times daily.

Activities You Can Do at Nevada Telephone Cove


Take a break from your cell phones and enjoy the outdoors with scenic environments and crystal clear water. Cellular service is not ideal so you can take time to delve into some quality family or group bonding. There’s plenty of space for fun and frolicking outdoors!


The road is graded twice a year, so the trail is incredible for hiking enthusiasts. While hiking, keep an eye out for drivers with boat trailers behind them. Although the road can be a bit bumpy, it is a pleasant experience, especially during the summer. However, in wet weather, the conditions can bring along a bit of mud, so be sure you’re prepared for whatever the weather holds in store for your family and friends.

Fishing and Swimming

You can take some time out in the water and enjoy some quiet while fishing. The water is quite clear and depending on your skills, you can catch fish like carp. It’s a fun way to train your patience and enjoy the open space. Although you would have to wade through some mud to get to deeper water, swimming in the lake is delightful. With air temperatures around 80 degrees and above most of the year, the water temperature is pleasant.


If you want to spend most of your time on the water and keep your distance from people while enjoying your vacation, you should rent a houseboat. Houseboats provide the major facilities you and your friends or family require without going on land. Especially on crowded weekends at the Nevada Telephone Cove, you can load up your rented houseboat with all the provisions you need, anchor it on the sandy beach and use it as your base for exploration. Cottonwood Cove has a fantastic selection of houseboats that you can rent.

Houseboats You Should Rent While Visiting Nevada Telephone Cove

50′ Houseboat

Got a group of 2-6 people? Then this is the right choice for you to start with. This houseboat comes with two private bedrooms, each equipped with a queen bed, and on request, you can get an additional queen mattress. With the gas BBQ grill, refrigerator, oven, toaster and even microwave, picnicking will definitely be fun. If the sun gets too hot, you can roll out the sun canopy.

50′ XT Houseboat

If you like the 50′ Houseboat but need a little bit more room to have fun, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get this one. Its extra 2 feet of width offers a more open area to play. This houseboat has dual 90-horsepower outboard engines and can reach 8-10 mph speeds.

56′ Getaway Houseboat

For a larger party, this houseboat provides an affordable option. With four bedrooms and one sleeper loveseat, it has a maximum occupancy of 12 people. It also comes with a water slide, flybridge and sun deck stereo for getting the merriment started.

59′ Deluxe Houseboat

Step up another level with this baby! Renting this houseboat gives you access to a fully equipped kitchen, dinette seating and a wet bar with a refrigerator on the top deck.

60′ Eagle Houseboat

This 60 by 16 feet Eagle houseboat comes with 4 private bedrooms, DirecTV satellite and upgraded interior decor, including a ceiling fan in the main salon. More room for everybody means more fun in the sun!

70′ Silver Houseboat

Enjoy all the comfort you desire in a houseboat and much more with the 70’ Silver houseboat. Not only does it have the DirecTV satellite and wet bar available, but it also has a hot tub. Yes, a hot tub (definitely worth repeating). Each of its four bedrooms has flat-screen TVs, and the kitchen cabinetry is upgraded to premium wood.

Planning Your Next Trip

The Nevada Telephone Cove is definitely a lovely spot to visit with its scenic atmosphere. Considering a trail to hike and an open space to explore, set some time out to enjoy yourself and relax. Rent any of the houseboats of your choice at Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina.

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