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Where to Go Camping Near Lake Mohave  

Lake Mohave sits between two dams: Hoover and Davis. It’s officially a part of the Lake Mead Recreation Area and maintained by the National Park Service. If you’re wondering where to camp at this majestic lake known for its sandy beaches and teeming waters, we’ll look at how to plan your dream camping vacation!

Why Lake Mohave?

The biggest reason why people choose Lake Mohave is its stunning scenery and crystal clear water. As a lesser-known reservoir, it may also be less crowded than Lake Mead, which is a plus for those who want a more peaceful stay. The entrance fee is a reasonable $25 per week for vehicles and $20 per week for motorcycles.

Lake Mohave camping can also be accomplished in numerous ways. If you’re the type who loves to rough it in and around the water, Lake Mohave welcomes you to spend your days on the trails or kayaking into all the hidden coves. For those who’d rather have a few more comforts, there are accommodations that are on the luxury end of the spectrum.

Where to Go Camping: Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina

Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina is the best place to stay on the Colorado River. The property has something for everyone as it is a popular destination for houseboat rentals, watercraft rentals, and camping accommodations. You can sleep in the park, on a houseboat, or in a room at the Cottonwood Cove Motel – take your pick!

Whether you picture yourself on land or on the water, staying at Lake Mohave offers campers the chance to absorb the stunning landscape in new ways. The best part is that campers are every bit as impressed with the staff as they are with the scenery.

What to Do at Lake Mohave and Lake Mead

When you’re at Lake Mohave, we recommend the following activities.

Take the Boat Out

Whether you’re kayaking, canoeing, or on a houseboat, you’ll never forget the sensation of being out on the water in this stunning area of the desert. Lake Mohave is a relatively narrow lake surrounded by narrow walls of Painted, Pyramid, Black, and Eldorado Canyon.

As you glide down the water, you’ll have the chance to explore numerous coves and corners. The Mohave Native Americans once inhabited Lake Mohave and its unspoiled beauty is best witnessed from numerous vantage points. Cottonwood Cove offers single and tandem kayaks and canoes if you’re looking for a place to rent a small watercraft.

Go On a Hike Or Two

While we highly recommend boating on Lake Mohave, if you’re only in the area for a few hours we encourage you to explore on foot. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is 1.5 million acres, and just 13% of the land is liquid. Fall, winter, and spring are the best times to explore the natural formations around Lake Mohave, and there are numerous trails to choose from if you want to go for a walk in all its splendor.

Fisherman’s Trail, Lakeview, Liberty Bell Arch, and White Rock Canyon are just a few hikes in this area, and it pays to research them before you head out. So, whether you want to see an old mine from World War II or soak in a hot spring (after an exceptionally strenuous hike), you’ll know what you’re signing up for.

Scuba Dive in the Waters of Lake Mead or Lake Mohave

Scuba diving may be more associated with the sea than fresh water, but Lake Mead and Lake Mohave are known for attracting divers of all kinds. People come for its range of depths, a byproduct of the constantly fluctuating waters. The most popular sites include Kingman Wash, Black Canyon in Boulder Basin, Gypsum Reefs-Virgin Basin, and Scuba Beach.

If you don’t want to travel to Lake Mead (about 1.5 hours away), scuba dive at Black Canyon on Lake Mohave, Ringbolt Rapids, Work Barge, or Cabinsite Point. Each dive site has its own personality, so consider what you’re looking for before you choose one. For instance, the Work Barge site offers views of a large tow barge that sank in 1946. Protected by the Antiquities Act, scuba divers aren’t allowed to remove or damage anything from the wreckage.

Fish for Bluegills, Bass, Catfish and Rainbow Trout

The US Fish & Wildlife Service at Willow Beach releases rainbow trout into the lake every Friday. This is in addition to the striped and largemouth bass, bluegill, green sunfish, and catfish that are typically found on the northern end of the lake. This quiet activity isn’t just a peaceful way to spend a few hours, it’s a way to connect with nature and experience its many gifts.

Whether you fish at Lake Mead, the Colorado River, or Lake Mohave, the fishing regulations prohibit you from using more than two hooks for flies or bait. You can fish all year round at any time of day (except in restricted areas). Please note that you are limited to 5 trout, 15 crappie, 6 black bass, and 25 catfish. There are no limits on striped bass if they’re less than 20″ in length, though the limit is 20 striped bass if you catch those that are 20″ or longer.

Stay on a Houseboat

If you want to get the most from your stay in this hidden hideaway, a houseboat may be exactly what you’re looking for. Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina offers guests numerous options, so everyone can have the vacation they always dreamed of.

Hot tubs, wet bars, and DirecTV can all be yours as you relax in luxury. Or, if you’re more into wildlife than water slides, you can opt for more basic accommodations. Regardless of the type of houseboat you choose, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy yourself when on the water. Cottonwood Cove’s boats are outfitted for lazy days and ultimate comfort.

Bring Your RV

Cottonwood Cove RV Park was built with campers in mind. Our property includes:

  • Light posts at each site
  • Coin laundry
  • Public bathrooms
  • 72 full RV hookups
  • Waterfront beaches on the south shore
  • Easy access to the convenience store, cafe, marina, and gift shop

Lake Mohave Camping

The staff at Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina knows that there are numerous activities to do when you’re here. Whether you want to zip the waters on jet skis or hike the desert terrain, we’re here to give you the camping experience of your dreams. Contact us today to learn more about our watercraft rentals, campground facilities, houseboats and RV park.

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