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Renting a Kayak Near Vegas? Here’s What to Know  

Las Vegas might be associated more with gambling than kayaking, but plenty of people come solely for the natural splendor. Even people who love the flashing lights will schedule a day or two away from the neon strip just for some variety. Red rocks, unforgettable sunsets, and unusual wildlife peeking out from unlikely places have delighted visitors from all over the world. If you’re considering renting a kayak, canoe, boat, or even a houseboat, here’s what to consider if you want to plan ahead.

Supply and Demand

Kayaking can be a fun, spontaneous activity, but unfortunately, the demand for these water vessels can thwart your plans. Regardless of the type of watercraft you’re looking for, a beautiful day will have everyone wanting to cash in on the sunshine and breeze. If you don’t want to visit several places asking if there’s anything available, we highly recommend reserving your kayak well before your trip.

At Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina, we have single and tandem kayaks that you can rent in advance. Take it for up to 8 hours for one day or for the full week! We also have hourly rentals for walk-ins available, though we encourage all of our guests to reserve their kayaks so there are no surprises.

Branch Out

From Lake Mead to the Colorado River, kayaks can take you anywhere and everywhere on the many waterways in the Vegas area. When you rent a kayak for a few days, you won’t have to stay in one place. At Cottonwood Cove, we recommend kayaking in a variety of places at different times of the day. Experiencing all of the beauty around Las Vegas gives you a chance to really witness what this area can offer.

Kayak in the early hours of the morning and at dusk. Compare and contrast everything from the sounds you hear to the way you feel. It’s easy to assume that you’ll only enjoy a kayak in adventurous waters if you’re a thrill-seeker, but you might be surprised at how relaxing it can be to enjoy the waters when they’re calm and the air is cool. A week-long kayak rental near Las Vegas can give you just enough time to learn what you like.

Why Rent a Kayak?

Kayaking in Vegas isn’t just a family-friendly activity, it’s a chance to see the landscape from a different perspective. Nevada is so much more than casinos and shows, and its waterways will show you how the many areas of the desert interconnect. If you’re a photographer (whether novice or pro), you’re likely to end up with some of your most treasured snaps from your sessions on the water.

One of the best ways to see the natural landscape is to get out on the water. This engaging activity places you front and center, giving you a close-up look at everything from the aquatic rhythms to the hustle and bustle of the shorelines.

Practical Matters

Kayaks may look pretty small if you’re looking at them from the shore, but they may have more space than you think. The watertight areas are excellent for storing your gear and you can fit any number of items when you take it out for the day.

What kinds of clothes should you wear on a kayak near Las Vegas? Much like practically any outdoor trip you’ll ever take, the thing to remember is layers. While the weather may be fairly predictable, in that it won’t plunge 50 degrees in the blink of an eye, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience a few rapid shifts. Plus, when you’re on the water, even a couple of degrees can have a big effect on your body.

  • You should dress for the water temperature as opposed to the temperature of the air.
  • Clothing should be easy to move in, and comfortable enough to wear for several hours. Think about how you’ll feel after sitting and paddling for a while.
  • Keep sun protection in mind. Cloud cover doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear sunscreen, a visor, or sunglasses. You can even consider SPF-rated clothing as an extra measure of protection.
  • We recommend wearing cotton clothing as it is the most breathable fabric. It will keep you comfortable throughout the day and into the evening. You could wear a wind jacket over your cotton t-shirt if you are concerned about staying dry.
  • Wear tough layers so it can handle the bumps and bangs during your trip. Whether it’s sand or water, you don’t want to come home with rips or holes in your clothing. This may mean springing for the more expensive clothing, but it’s worth it if you get to wear it for longer.
  • Board shorts, light jackets, and sandals are all great choices when you’re out there. Bring a change of clothes when you exit, so you’ll be comfortable after the trip.

What to Do While You Kayak

Lake Mead and Lake Mohave offer endless activity and entertainment for visitors to the Vegas area. People go to Emerald Cove to take photos in the afternoon light in the cave or to picnic. Go on a moonlight kayak to the hot springs or lie on the beach at Crane’s Nest.

Whether you stay in Nevada or branch out during your trip, the key is to explore. Finally, don’t put too much pressure on your itinerary. Whatever you miss on this trip, whether it’s a late-night picnic on shore or a specific cave you wanted to see, you can fit it all in on the next trip.

Why Stay at Cottonwood Cove

Located on Lake Mohave, Cottonwood Cove has been welcoming people to the Vegas area for years. Every family, group, and guest comes with their own expectations of a good time, and our staff, facilities, and campgrounds are all up to the challenge. We know how much our visitors come to be active, which is why there are plenty of watercraft rentals available.

Guests can stop by our snack bar to fuel up before or after their trip or you can stop by the cafe for a full meal. The spacious RV park is just a short drive from Laughlin and just an hour outside of Vegas. If you’re interested in renting anything from a kayak to a houseboat near Las Vegas, Cottonwood Cove can hook you up.

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