Davis Dam at Lake Mohave

Davis Dam Water Release Schedule and Why it’s Important

Davis Dam, located on the Colorado River, plays a crucial role in managing the water supply for the southwestern United States. The dam was constructed to re-regulate the water release from the Hoover Dam and to clear the way for the delivery of fresh water from the Colorado River to Mexico.

Located approximately 70 miles south of Hoover Dam, Davis Dam straddles the Arizona and Nevada border. It impounds the flowing water from the Colorado River creating a large stretch of water known as Lake Mohave.

Our guests at Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina are oftentimes curious about when the next Davis Dam water release will be and what that means for their upcoming houseboat trip. We’ll go into more detail below.

What Influences Davis Dam’s Water Release Schedule?

The dam’s water release schedule is carefully planned and executed in order to meet the various demands for water in the region, including irrigation, drinking water, and hydroelectric power generation.

One of the main factors that determine the water release schedule at Davis Dam is the need for irrigation water for crops in California’s Imperial Valley. This area is one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country and is heavily dependent on Colorado River water for irrigation. The Bureau of Reclamation, the federal agency that manages the dam, works closely with water users in the Imperial Valley to ensure that they receive the water they need to grow their crops.

Another important factor that influences the water release schedule at Davis Dam is the need to maintain a minimum flow in the lower Colorado River to protect the environment. This includes ensuring that there is enough water to support the river’s ecosystem and the species that depend on it, such as the endangered razorback sucker fish.

Finally, the release schedule is also influenced by the need to generate hydroelectric power. The dam is equipped with power-generating turbines that use the water flowing through the dam to generate electricity. The amount of power generated is determined by the volume of water flowing through the dam, so the release schedule is adjusted to optimize power generation while still meeting the other demands for water.

Why Releasing Water Is Important

Dams are critical for controlling water levels in man-made reservoirs and providing hydropower to the surrounding region. And without them, lakes such as Lake Mead and Lake Mohave would not exist. Water releases are done daily to support the area’s water demands, while hourly releases are made to keep up with hydropower demand.

When there is a significant amount of rainfall in the area, dam water releases will be scaled back to avoid overfilling the lake downstream. When water releases are slowed down, boaters and watercraft users are advised to proceed with caution as lower water levels may expose sandbars, riverbanks, debris or other unfamiliar obstacles.

How Often Will Davis Dam Release Water?

Releases from Davis Dam will vary depending on changing conditions, maintenance, and unexpected circumstances. Oftentimes, Lake Mohave boaters and visitors won’t notice a difference in water level and will not be impacted by the release. If you have any concerns before your visit, we recommend visiting the Bureau of Reclamation’s Davis Dam water release schedule online for the latest update.

What is There to Do Around Davis Dam?

Conveniently, there’s no shortage of sights and activities when you visit Davis Dam and the surrounding area. Lake Mohave, for instance, has plenty of recreational activities for all ages. From houseboating, camping, boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking to much more – you’ll never run out of fun while you’re here.

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Lake Mohave is to book a houseboat vacation. Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina is one of the top marinas for houseboat rentals on Lake Mohave. Travelers who want to spend their entire vacation on the water will love enjoying a spacious and luxurious houseboat for the week.

For more information on the Davis Dam and how to make the most out of your houseboat vacation, contact us today.

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